The Programa Jofré is a Sociedad Española de Patología Dual (SEPD) training program aimed at Spanish residents and personnel in training as well as non-Spanish professionals interested in training in dual pathology: addictions and other mental disorder. Prof. Gonzalo Haro (, as training responsible for residents and fellows of the SEPD, is de coordinator of the program since 2009.

The main objectives of this program are:

  1. Evidence-based training, i.e. applying emerging knowledge through use of new instruments (intervention protocols, research projects, etc.) in the approach to dual pathology.
  2. to allow the acquisition of skills necessary for diagnosis and treatment of dual pathology.
  3. to train health professionals attending patients with dual pathology so that they may avoid burn-out syndrome, training without which the duration and quality of professional practice would gradually diminish.

This program, organized by the SEPD, is sponsored by the World Psychiatry Association (WPA) (Section on Dual Pathology). The Asociación de Psiquiatría de América Latina (APAL) has collaborated since the beginning. The psychiatric or addiction services which participate in this program are from the hospital sector as well as the community, are located throughout Spain, and have been duly accredited by the SEPD.

The established requirements for candidates are to possess a degree or Bachelor in medicine and, recommended, to be specialist of psychiatry or in training for the specialization or to have the capacity, through aptitude, position or job title to implement a clinical program or research project on dual pathology in their country of origin.

The training program includes:

  1. theoretical training through intervention protocols on dual disorder/pathology (,
  2. practical-clinical training in a hospital, community or outpatient setting with the supervision of a designated tutor;
  3. clinical and/or theoretical sessions on dual pathology,
  4. stay of 3 months; and
  5. assessment of the resident/professional or non-Spanish professional with the possibility of obtaining certificates accredited by the SEPD, by the teaching committee of the center and the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The funding for this program will be provided by the applicants, either directly or guaranteed by their home institutions. The implication, promotion or endorsement of the SEPD does not involve the financing of such processes. The Fundación Española de Patología Dual offers two scholarships a year for non-Spanish professionals attending this program, partially sponsored by Janssen–Cilag. The candidates for scholarships are selected by APAL. These scholarships include transport to and from their country, accommodation and health insurance for three months.

Scientific Guarantees:
Sociedad Española de Patología Dual

Economic administration:
Fundación Patología Dual

Primary Sponsors:


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